Is your sales pipeline full of prospects waiting to pay you? Are people lining up to work with you, asking how they can be part of your program?

If you answered No, you've come to the right place.

Become like my clients who've generated over $400 Million in bankable profits.

Greg White's Story...

Our industry is down, and I'm in a commodity business. We grew over 36% in profits and most of that I would credit to me implementing Paul's suggestions.

Bob Serling's Story

I turned to the best there is – Paul Lemberg. By following his advice for fine-tuning my program, I received the first sign-up, worth thousands of dollars, just 17 minutes

A word from Paul...

Most businesses fail, the stats vary and it’s safe to say that the number ranges from 70% to 90% of all business. That is a staggering percentage; my goal is for you to be in the percentage that succeeds.

No. Matter. What.

For over 18 years businesses and business owners have come to me for solutions. Seeking creative ways to generate more sales, increase profits, systemize their business and solve the biggest challenges they have to deal with day-to-day.

My clients have included companies from IBM, JP Morgan Chase and Cisco to smaller entrepreneurial startups just like yours.

Businesses have seen profit increases over 950%, 300%, 292% and the list just keeps going on and on.

I absolutely love helping businesses create massive success; it’s what I’ve dedicated my life to doing after selling my first two businesses for tens of millions of dollars.

I’m excited to help you get the same results.

So here is what you can do…


Want to be part of the tiny portion of businesses that succeed? Want to use proven, time tested and profit driven systems to grow your business, day in and day out?

Good, so here is what you’ll get.


Profits and Revenue are not created the same, learn how to skyrocket your profits.

Discover the secrets to creating massive value, larger margins, how to win at the game of pricing and why you’re not charging enough… and how to raise your prices and get more customers.


Archimedes was a genius and you can be too when you use leverage to move the world and transform your business.

Learn how to grow your business more than 10x using strategies on product bundling, partnerships and doing more, more often through creating leverage.


Self mastery is how each of your idols achieves their goals… here you’ll learn how to be just like them.

Mastering yourself is the most overlooked pathway to success. Who you are creates more results than what you know. Action, therefore is paramount in success, ask any billionaire.


Learn the system that makes millions, generating unlimited qualified leads… all clamoring for your product or service

The rat race is for everyone who does not invest in themselves… and that’s not you. Generate leads, day in and day out to massively grow your business.


The single most valuable thing you can learn anywhere at anytime converting sales into raving, lifetime customers.

The secret to more sales… hint: it has very little to do with what you say when closing the sale.

20 years of experience and millions of dollars in mistakes have gone in to creating this comprehensive success blueprint.

You know what… I can tell you how amazing this is, how much money its created for people just like you and how good of a deal this is (which I’ve never even though of selling it for this cheap until I was convinced to do so by a friend of mine).

But you know what, none of that matters unless you’re willing to take action.

And whats the key, action is what creates results. Let me rephrase, taking the right action is what creates results. That’s what this will do for your business.

More importantly this is a gate keeper. This is the price to play the game of business at a level that I need to make sure you’re actually ready for. More on this later.

Here you’ll get my absolutely best material to grow your business and create a whole new level of profit.

Blueprint to Profits, Your Guide to Bankable Cash.

When you ‘re ready to actually listen, let of your ego and allow success to really come to you, and get out of the way of your success you’ll know that this program is for you.

This is called Blueprints to Profits and it’s made millions for people all over the world.

This is not for everyone.

Only those people who really want and are ready to succeed, to grow their business and create lasting results.

Profit Blueprints, Customer Leverage Blueprints, Personal Performance Blueprints, Lead Generation Blueprints, Sales Conversion Blueprints, Product Creation Blueprints, and a Blueprint for Systemization…

You get it all.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If this system is not everything you you imagined and more, if when you use Blueprints to Profits and you don’t make more money, or you’re just not happy with the content for any reason…

I’ll give you 100% of your money back in 30 days.

Blueprint to Profit will transform your business… and your life.

Normally for $1997… yours for only $97


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for any kind of business? +

Yes, it will. As long as you’re committed to growing your business and want to do whatever it takes… this will work.

Is the information hard to learn and hard to use or can anyone use it and be successful? +

This program is simple and will work for everyone who wants to succeed enough no matter your level of education.

My business is already making millions of dollars a year… how will this improve my business any noticeable amount? +

No matter where you are in business, there are always opportunities to improve. Blueprint to Profit will give you more ideas than you’ll be able to implement. And when you use just one of the right ideas you’ll make more money.

Some of Our Latest Success Stories

Paul Lemberg is one of the truly great strategic minds in the business. He takes companies who are fundamentally tactical and turns them into formidable and sophisticated strategic business and marketing forces to recon with in their industries.

Jay Abraham, Marketing Genius

Today, I have a staff that is quite successful managing their routine operations.  We have baselines by which to gauge our performance. And most importantly, we are having our most profitable year ever.

Richard Deeran, Casco Development

After one year (it took longer than it should have because I was stubborn about everything), we have a fully structured sales process, our pipeline has grown by 15 times (!), and our sales cycle has been reduced from 12 months down to 4 months. My only regret is that I didn’t find Paul sooner. Thanks for your help!

Tom Johnson, President. Papersoft

Paul Lemberg is worth his weight in gold. This June will be the third time he’s been back.

Kay Stephenson, CEO, Datamaxx

I spent my first career in the US military. Including that time, and all my years in Corporate America, Paul’s program is one of the best, most insightful leadership programs I’ve ever taken.

John Eberle, VP & Division Manager Advanced Distribution, SAIC

As we executed on Paul's program, LifeWings experienced a 400% growth curve. He is the perfect blend of genius and down-to-earth practicality and has my strongest recommendation.

Captain Steve Harden, Lifewings, LLC

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