In Just 12 Weeks You Will Have a Proven, Turn Key, On Demand, Selling Machine That Pumps Out New Sales From Your Very Best, Hand Picked Prospects

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Are you a professional coach or consultant? Do you fall into the category of a B2B service provider?

Are you looking to grow your business and create sales ondemand?

Then You've come to the right place.

  • You’ll learn the quickest and most effective way to create massive business growth.
  • You’ll get all 19 years of my personal experience in making businesses over $400 million dollars.
  • Your calendar will be packed full of qualified leads begging to pay you.
  • You'll beat the competition with an invincible competitive advantage… that is 100% repeatable.
  • You'll get the tools, tactics, principals and techniques used by the billion dollar brands you love.

A Note from Paul on trust!

This is NOT some trick, fad or gimmick that has a chance at failure. Every business, entrepreneur and executive that implements the principals in my program… succeeds.

I’ve spent 19 years helping businesses of all sizes, possibly just like yours grab onto and sustain massive growth. Over nearly two decades… I’ve never seen this process fail.


It’s taken me this long to be able to package a system that encompasses all the most important features to ensure a 100% success rate.  Everyone succeeds, when they use the system.

For those who choose to participate your bankable bottom line profits will skyrocket.

This system works 100% of the time. Proof comes from each person and business who actually implements the system I teach.

That's where you come in... but I'll get to that in a bit.

Real success stories, from real people!

Are you going to be my next Success Story?

First let me tell you what you'll be getting into since this program is only for people who really want to succeed and grow their business.

  • Flawless Record of Success

    I’m only taking 12 businesses into this next rollout of my program… you have to want it and be qualified to participate.

  • Guaranteed Success & Business Growth

    You’re going to get to work with me each step of the way so I ensure you’re successful.

  • Unparralled Direct Access to Paul

    • Weekly Q&A to review progress and determine what is working for you best and how to become even more successful.
  • 100% Zero Risk

    ero Risk… there is absolutely no risk to participate in the program… if you qualify.

  • Bottom Line Profits

    A never ending supply of qualified leads… ready and wanting to buy what you have to offer.

Real success stories, from real people!

The worst-case scenario is you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY.

How many times (if ever) have you been given a 100% guarantee that you’ll double your investment. It’s crazy I know and I’m fully willing to make you a stellar success, no matter what it takes.

First let me tell you what you'll be getting into since this program is only for people who really want to succeed and grow their business.

  • Step By Step Training

    You’ll be guided by video, audio, and ongoing weekly calls directly with me as well as other members of the small beta group to ensure that you succeed.

  • Weekly Q&A Sessions

    Every week we’ll check in and make sure that you’re progressing.  You’ll get answers to your burning questions and guidance to a more profitable business.

  • $135,000 Training for a Fraction

    You have unprecedented access to me, if you have an emergency or need questions answered outside the weekly time… I’m there for you.

  • Fully Systemized Revenue Generation System

    Your business will only grow to the extent of its ability to produce leads and convert those leads to revenue. This system will 10x and more your current abilities.

  • Up to 12 Additional Weeks of Direct Support

    This program runs 12 weeks. If you’ve not doubled your money within that time i’ll work with you for another 12 weeks to ensure you succeed.

  • Completely Automated Sales

    Your business will have a fully functional, revenue generating sales system that brings money in day after day…without you even being there.

  • AT LEAST $16,000 in New Sales in 12 Weeks.

    You will make money, thats all there is to it.

Want to Increase Profits with a Proven Sales System?

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Yes! Increase My Profits!

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Paul Lemberg, Sales Vüdü

Im 100% confident that you are going to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Which is why we have a money back guarantee if you're not able to succeed.

The Complete System To Master Sales Automation and Increase Profits

If you're chosen to be on of the 12 members here is what you'll get...

  • How to find and select a telemarketing list of only your best prospects
  • How to find, hire, train and manage one or more appointment setters.
  • How to create scripts for first contact, call back, voice mail, email follow up and everything else.
  • How to create sales scripts that don’t require memorization.
  • How to Leverage your conviction to close more deals while shattering your limiting beliefs.
  • Direct step-by-step guide to get decision makers on the phone now.
  • Creating a goal focused compensation plan for everyone on your team.
  • Monitoring, scaling and managing your team to any size imaginable.
  • Using your innate desire to extract the right questions helping prospects decide to become customers.
  • Learn to ask for money in an effortless, easy manner all your own

PLUS - these amazing bonuses:

  • Direct access worth $135,000 dollars
  • Become a world-class sales person… with your own unique style
  • The life you wanted to live when you started your business.
Ian Wynne

Working with Paul and implementing his advice doubled my sales and profits 4 times. Without listening to his advice and implementing his systems I’m sure I’d still be struggling day in and day out.

Ian Wynne
Jeffery Stern

Paul Lemberg promises “extraordinary business results”, and he delivers. Thanks to Paul’s help, I have been able to exceed the “extraordinary” goals we set together. As a result, I have completed a reverse merger and have just launched a new Internet Spanish-language marketplace.

Jeffery Stern
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Does it matter the kinds of products and services I offer?

    A.As long as your business has a ticket value of $5,000 and greater this system will completely change your business and life.

  • Q.Why are you doing this?

    A.You’re part of a BETA program for this system that I’ve been working on for nearly 20 years.  Your willingness to learn this helps me make sure everything works the way it’s intended and as a by product you make a ton more money.

  • Q.Will it work if I'm a consultant, coach, or B2B service provider?

    A.100% Yes!  This works for every business type because this system is based off principals of successful selling.  So if you’re a coach, service provider or consultant this program will work perfectly for you.

  • Q.How long will it take for me to see results?

    A.Most businesses see drastic results within 3-4 weeks.  Some take a bit longer but I guarantee that your business will never be the same once you implement this program.

  • Q.How much does this cost?

    A.There is no cost really, it’s simply an investment upon which you’ll see returns of at least double within 12 weeks.  The investment itself is $7,997 or 3 Payments of $2,997.

  • Q.Why are you only taking 12 people?

    A.Since this is a BETA program I want to ensure that each one of you has all of the success possible.  This number ensures that I give you amount of time you need incase you have any questions as we implement this for your business.

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