Paying Attention

Did you ever feel like you’ve been sleepwalking?
You know…  You’ve been working on something, talking to someone, walking somewhere…
Suddenly you realize your attention is totally somewhere else…
You don’t even know how you got there or how long it’s been.
There are people who live their entire lives with critical parts of themselves everywhere but right WHERE and WHEN they are now.
And a lot of really important stuff just get missed.
It’s ridiculously simple to change…
And the payoff is enormous.
Pay close attention to the video below.
I’m going into some new territory and would appreciate your comments when you’re done.
Thoughts? Experiences? Make sense? Valuable? Want More?

Your Deep Inner Nature

I’ve never done a video or post quite like this one.

I’ve been searching for some secret sauce. You know, that thing that when you have it makes all your efforts successful, and without it dooms them to mediocrity.  Pretty sure I don’t have all the answers, but this video is a beginning.

I’d love it if you’d leave me your comments and let me know your thoughts.

Am I on track? Is this worth thinking about? Would you like more?


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    5 Sales Tips to Immediately Improve Your B2B Sales Conversions

5 Sales Tips to Immediately Improve Your B2B Sales Conversions

Most entrepreneurs seem to believe that the biggest factor in successful growth is lead generation. There may be some truth in this, but only some.

Before we I talk about how to improve sales conversation let’s look at some statistics:

The typical range of closing ratios for referral business is between 50-80%, but referrals are a very small factor in a sustainable high-growth business.
The range for warm call-in leads is between 30-70%, but warm leads are less than 5% of your qualified, addressable market.
The closing ratio for highly qualified cold leads ranges between 20-35%
And the average for semi-qualified cold leads ranges around 10%
And cold, cold leads? If you get 1%, you’re doing well.

You probably spend a lot of money and time generating leads for your product or service. And depending on your closing ratio, you may have to generate 2 to 10 leads to make a sale.

One way to dramatically improve your profits and revenues, without spending one more dime of marketing expense is to improve your closing ratio.

Here’s an example: Say it cost you $300 to get a lead, which for a high-dollar product sale isn’t bad at all. And say your service costs around $15,000. At a 20% closing ratio, you need 5 leads to make a sale, so you’re spending $1500 on leads plus 10% sales commissions – another $1,500. Total cost of customer acquisition: $3,000 or 20% of revenues. Depending on your gross margins, that’s not bad.

But now you get better at closing and increase your ratio from one out of five to one out of three, shaving $600 off your CCA. That’s a whopping 20% reduction in cost of sale, all of which drops right into your bank account.

Here are five simple tips you can implement […]

Okay isn’t

You know how there are some things to which you’ve given thought? They seem clear to you in your mind, but they haven’t actually become part of the you that’s living your life?

This is common for many people…

You may know something but that “knowing” has no real meaning to you. Knowing it doesn’t in any way change how you live or work. Some people call this the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Knowledge is just another thing you have, waiting to be used…

Wisdom changes your life.

Something has to happen to drive those things from your head into your heart, into your life. It could be anything…

It could be a full-on shock to your system that does it. A kind of emotional cataclysm – the end of an important relationship, going bankrupt, or the death of a loved one.

It doesn’t have to be a negative thing. It could be the birth of a child or selling your company that does it.

It could be something neutral like simply growing older. Although all by itself that doesn’t seem to make anyone much smarter or aware.

It could even be something seemingly trivial, like getting the right email at just the right time, or a “chance” conversation with a friend or trusted advisor.

I have lived with knowing lots of things that didn’t make a damn bit of difference, but over the last few weeks whole giant aspects of my life and business have shifted.

In my “Rhonda” video – if you haven’t seen it you can watch it by clicking here (fair warning, it’s kind of rough) – I talked about an earlier time in my life when I had this extraordinary job. For a job, it was perfect in almost […]

The OOPS Factor

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Women, perhaps more than men, think of whatever it is that happens, as their fault.

Women tend to take things personally. By nature, they often feel responsible for
everything that happens around them. They hear a criticism, for instance, and they see it as some sort of failing in themselves. And that sense of personal failing creates an emotional cloud that hampers their ability to evaluate what’s happening in the moment and hijacks their decision-making for the next two hours.

I call this very common pattern The OOPS factor: emotional reactions to Obstacles, Other People, and Self.

So what exactly is the OOPS Factor?

Obstacles are external circumstances and events that impact your business. Other people – well that’s obvious, but it includes their opinions, criticisms and reactions. Self is your own hidden beliefs and assumptions about who you have to be or become create sales success.

All of these OOPS become an issue because of your natural way of experiencing
things emotionally.

Now – here’s the funny thing – your emotions are an unusual gift. Your emotions
actually give you an edge in sales when you are able to use them to as a “tuning
fork.” In other words, you can use your feelings to gauge what your prospect is
feeling, and get “hidden information” about where they are in the buying cycle and use that information to help guide them to where they want to be (using your
product or service).

The opportunity is to embrace this natural ability and use it to it’s fullest.

Here are a few simple steps you can use to eliminate the emotional static of the
OOPS Factors and clear the channel to “direct resonance” with your prospects.


Recognize the simple truth that obstacles happen in every business. They […]

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